The DEL team can provide both sales and editorial assistance to businesses and associations looking to publish a magazine. Visit issuu.com/delcomminc to browse some of our publications.

Advertising Sales

DEL Communications has a wonderful sales team ready to help you sell ads for your magazine, newsletter, directory, e-newsletter, website banners, or any other media.


DEL Communications has a full editorial team ready to work with you to create unique content for your magazine or digital presence. Have a great idea but don’t know where to start? Let our experienced team guide you through the process. 

Mailing Lists

DEL has many industry-oriented mailing lists. Additionally we can create a custom list at your request.


We are happy to offer photography services. Do you need updated content for your website or newsletter? DEL can provide image editing, as well as photography services.

Digital Media

Looking for the perfect video for your website or YouTube channel? DEL is here for you. Our digital editor can edit existing footage or film new content.

Social Media

Want to up your social media account game? DEL is here to help. Our editorial team can create content, and our digital team can supervise your accounts.


Newsletters are a great way to keep your association or members up to date. Our digital team can help you create newsletters with original content, designed to your specifications.


DEL now offers website building services. Does your site need an upgrade? Or are you a new organization that needs a digital presence? DEL has you covered.


DEL Communications Inc. is here for you during these difficult times.
Feel free to contact us during our regular office hours.

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