David Langstaff


David founded DEL Communications Inc. and has overseen the growth and success of the company since its inception. He has helped conceive new, innovative publications for associations to facilitate their growth and development. In addition to this, David has developed magazine concepts covering regional and national issues that provide promotional opportunities to North American and international companies.

Dayna Oulion

Advertising Sales Manager

Dayna started with DEL Communications in January 2004. Her passion for advertising and marketing emerged after working at CTV for five years. She has a Public Relations diploma from the University of Winnipeg, and is an avid community leader. Dayna has sat on a number of non-profit boards, as both sponsorship chair and marketing/communications director. Fun fact: From Kindergarten to Grade 2, Dayna had a speech pathologist because she invented her own language. Ironically, her chosen career path is in communications.

Shayna Wiwierski

Editorial Director

Shayna started her position at DEL in July 2010. Prior to this, she was a freelance writer working for local and national publications across Canada. She has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Winnipeg and a Creative Communications diploma from Red River College. Shayna is multitalented, with a background in video production and design. Fun fact: When Shayna was in Grade 3, she had to take cutting lessons; to this day, she still can’t cut straight. Paradoxically, Shayna’s favourite movie is Edward Scissorhands.

Lyndon McLean

Managing Editor

Editor of magazines such as the Manitoba Mining Review and the Manitoba Oil & Gas Review, Lyndon joined DEL in 2010 after writing a number of freelance association articles. With a BA in English, Lyndon has worked in book publishing and communications, and has several years experience as a freelance writer and editor. Fun fact: Lyndon is a fan of heavy metal, The Simpsons and cheesy late-night infomercials. He has thus far resisted the temptation to buy a Magic Bullet.

Cindy Chan

Managing Editor

Cindy Chan joined the DEL Communications team as managing editor in February 2015. Prior to her current position, she worked as a community journalist for The Metro with Canstar Community News, covering stories about people, places and events in West Winnipeg. She has a joint communications degree from the University of Winnipeg and Red River College. Fun fact: Cindy’s dream job is being a lifelong contestant on Wheel of Fortune.


S.G.?Bennett Marketing Services, founded by Shawn Bennett, is a graphic design studio providing DEL with quality layout and design for all of their publications and advertising. Their hands-on involvement ensures that each magazine meets client standards.

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