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Get a handle on graphics: Helpful hints on the use of images within digital media

Looking for a way to spice up your website? Or to draw eyes to a particular aspect of your newsletter? Using graphics can be a quick and easy way to achieve these goals.

However finding images that are the right size, the right style, at the right price point, and available to use on your platform can be more complicated than it seems. This is where we can help out.

Newsletters Part 2:

Getting into the details – How to use newsletters to keep your members informed, while not overwhelming the reader

Newsletters are a good way to keep your association members informed with the latest information. It will keep your members connected throughout the year and between events, as well as allow you to communicate directly, but on a larger scale. Newsletters also add a personal touch as they land directly into your members’ inbox. 

In a recent report by Neilen Norman Group Email Newsletter Usability, it was determined that readers feel an emotional attachment to ongoing email newsletters. This creates a bond between yourselves (i.e. the association) and your members. It also provides those who may be considering joining with an idea of who you are, and the types of events that they can look forward to becoming a part of.

Newsletters Part 1:

Why you should send a newsletter to your members – How newsletters benefit your association and increase activity on our website

The first question to ask is what do your members want to read in their newsletter.

You need to make sure topics fit with your association and the information is short and concise. You can always add more informations using a read more here link, or a download entire article link, but within the the newsletter all information should be short and sweet.

Now try to remember the last time you checked your inbox and a newsletter appeared. Did your read it? Did you even open it? These are the topics we will cover in our next post!

The art of tagging: Learn how to use tags to increase readership of your content

Do you get overwhelmed by all of the hashtags out there? Not sure how to tag a post? DEL Communications can help. We will take a look at which tags help and which hinder, when you are posting content on your website or any social media platform.

How to keep your members up to date

People join trade associations because they want to be involved in something larger while staying on top of the latest industry trends and regulations. Fortunately, there are a number of tools to help your members stay connected and up-to-date with association news. 

Having a website is a must in today’s economic environment. Without one, your association may come off as unprofessional. Use your website as your digital business card; a place to store all of your long-term information as an online resource where your members can easily find information. When someone views your website they should have a good idea of who your association is, its mission and what it has to offer. Don’t forget to include contact information and links to your other social media streams.

How does a website benefit your company or association?

If your association isn’t online does it even exist? Of course! But the point here is that your association should be easily assessable to your members and what better way than having a website. 

In fact, many people view not having a website as being unprofessional. However, according to IMPACT, once you have a website and identify who your target audience is, those who identify with your association will be more inclined to see what you have to offer. This is great news when it comes to educating your association’s members and drawing in new ones. So let’s dive into what makes a good website.