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Coming soon: The art of tagging

Do you get overwhelmed by all of the hashtags out there? Not sure how to tag a post? DEL Communications can help. We will take a look at which tags help and which hinder, when you are posting content on your website or any social media platform.

How to keep your members up to date

People join trade associations because they want to be involved in something larger while staying on top of the latest industry trends and regulations. Fortunately, there are a number of tools to help your members stay connected and up-to-date with association news. 

Having a website is a must in today’s economic environment. Without one, your association may come off as unprofessional. Use your website as your digital business card; a place to store all of your long-term information as an online resource where your members can easily find information. When someone views your website they should have a good idea of who your association is, its mission and what it has to offer. Don’t forget to include contact information and links to your other social media streams.

How does a website benefit your company or association?

If your association isn’t online does it even exist? Of course! But the point here is that your association should be easily assessable to your members and what better way than having a website. 

In fact, many people view not having a website as being unprofessional. However, according to IMPACT, once you have a website and identify who your target audience is, those who identify with your association will be more inclined to see what you have to offer. This is great news when it comes to educating your association’s members and drawing in new ones. So let’s dive into what makes a good website.