Ad Specs

All of our publications are designed using Adobe InDesign on the Mac platform. We can accept ONLY the following file types:

High-resolution PDF: please ensure that image down-sampling is turned off, and that all of the fonts are embedded into your PDF. You can check this by opening the file in Acrobat and going to “File” –> “Document Properties” –> “Fonts” – and ensure all font names say “Embedded Subset” beside them.

High resolution EPS or AI: when sending an EPS, we ask that you ensure you convert all of your text to paths or curves prior to sending the file to us.

High-resolution TIFF or JPEG: These are typically image files, but you can supply your ads in this format provided they are saved at 300 DPI at scale. Keep in mind these are raster images, and small text will often appear fuzzy or pixilated.

If you have your ad in a Word, Excel, Corel Draw or any other type of file not listed above – provide us a printed hard copy, and send us the images used electronically. From there our designers will rebuild the ad for you at no additional cost. Of course, we will provide you a proof prior to publishing.

If you cannot provide us your artwork electronically in the above formats, we will be happy to design your ad for you at no additional charge. Simply provide us with the images and text required, and our designers will provide you a proof prior to publishing for your approval.

We can accept your electronic files by email, CD, DVD or use our convenient File Upload section on our website.

Here are the standard sizes of our ads in the majority of our publications (please note, this does not include membership directories or rosters):