If your association isn’t online does it even exist? Of course! But the point here is that your association should be easily assessable to your members and what better way than having a website.

In fact, many people view not having a website as being unprofessional. However, according to IMPACT, once you have a website and identify who your target audience is, those who identify with your association will be more inclined to see what you have to offer. This is great news when it comes to educating your association’s members and drawing in new ones. So let’s dive into what makes a good website:


It’s essential that your association’s website caters to the needs of your members so each page must have a clear purpose. To do this, organization is key. Try not to have too many tabs in your menu bar as this will only overwhelm your readers.

Less is more when it comes to good design so try keeping all of your events in one category, industry news in another and employment opportunities separated from one another. A good website should be easy for your members to navigate through so they can quickly find the information they need.


First impressions matter so good design is important to entice your members into exploring your association’s website. Crisp images and plenty of white space will allow your association to look clean and professional. void anything that blinks, flashes and uses harsh colours unless you want to throw your members back into the 90’s.

Pick fonts that are in Sans Serif (contemporary fonts without the fancy finishes) since these are easier to read online. To keep your association’s website looking cohesive, stick to using only three different typefaces that are within three point sizes of one another.

Colour can drastically enhance your members experience on your website. To create balance, use complementary colours while vibrant colours should only be used sparingly to accent important areas that you want to draw your members attention to – such as call-to-action areas.

As mentioned above, white space is a fantastic way to give your website a modern and uncluttered design. And lastly, using dark text on a light background will make it easier on your member’s eyes while reading information.


A website serves as your association’s virtual business card which is why it’s so important to have a good one. At DEL Communications Inc. we love helping associations put their best foot forward.

Tell us your association’s vision an we’ll create a mobile-friendly website that’ll wow your members. If you’re not sure what direction you want to go in, that’s okay too – We’ll give you our expert advice and create a spectacular online resource for your association.

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